Frequently asked Questions

​Q. How long after it reaches me will your product be usable?

A. Your order will be good for use (when it reaches you) for about three weeks in the UK and two weeks elsewhere. You can freeze your order in a plastic container for up to 180 days for later use but this is not recommended

Q. What will I receive in the mail?

A. You will recieve a hand written address envelope containing our product inside a vial.

Q. Which countries do you ship to on a usual basis?

United States of America



United Kingdom

Q. What do you think about your recent media attention?

A. Tis both a blessing and a curse. Argh!

Q. We haven't seen any mention of what your site used to say why is this?

A. Think of it as saving our ass from a savage tearing from a well endowed man inside a place with bars, that hinder our escape.

Q. Do you ship to.......?

A. Yes we ship worldwide, period.

Q. Will my product be ok for use by the time it reaches me?

A. Yes your product will be perfectly usable when it arrives on your doorstep.

Q. What is the price of your product in my currency?

A. It should tell you on the checkout menu when you place your order, otherwise you can search online for a currency converter such as yahoo.

Q. Can you give me advice on how to.....

A. No we cannot, please just use some common sense.

Q. How long will my order take to reach me?

A. In the UK it will normally take around 2-3 days... Oversea's normally takes 5 days at the most.